Cruel April


Who We Are:

Cruel April is comprised of musician and songwriter Todd Bublitz on guitar, keyboards, and various synths/instruments. Justin Goodrich performs on guitars and bass. Vocal performances depend on the song released. The songs are arranged and produced by Todd. All of the Cruel April performers are from the greater Los Angeles area.

 Our Musical Focus:

Our focus is on solid guitar-based rock music with some crossover appeal. The songs range from ballads to blues to hard driving rock - depending on what the inspiration calls for.

Our first release, “The Immortality Song” is inspired by the universal desire of musicians to be heard, and to create an artistic impression that lasts through the ages even after they are gone from this earth. It’s associated video additionally honors many of our famous deceased (and thus “immortal”) musical friends who have already passed away. Local guest singer Jenny G did the vocal honors on "The Immortality Song".

"Never Enough" reflects the conflicting emotions encountered in long-term relationships. The inspired vocals are courtesy of guest singer Kyle Castellani.

Guest vocalist Mella Barnes performs "I've Been Waiting For So Long".

  Music Links:

 Links to our music will be updated as songs and albums are released. Some select songs may be heard on our website. If you are reading this biography on our website, please select songs from the dropdown menu above.

  Music Outlets:

 Our music is presently being distributed to all of the usual online music outlets by CD Baby. At the present time, the music is available for download only.

 Tour Dates:

 There are no performance or tour dates scheduled at this time.


 Please email us at or use the online comments box to reach us.